Queen's FYNIRS (First Years Not in Residence Students) is a community of current first year students living off-campus, and upper year student leaders, including the Executive Committee, and Orientation Week leaders who are known "Landlords". Working together, the Queen's FYNIRS community aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for first year students living off-campus, and to help ease the transition into the Queen's community.

Orientation Week and Year Events:

Queen's FYNIRS hosts an inter-faculty orientation week in the first week of September, with 3 fun-filled days of karaoke, Frosh Olympics, a semi-formal dance, and more! Our orientation week runs concurrently with Residence Orientation, so students can participate in their faculty-specific orientation in the following days as well (Wait, so I get 2 orientation weeks? Sign me up!)! FYNIRS Orientation is a great way for students to meet other first year students living off-campus and upper year students in the FYNIRS community.

The FYNIRS experience does not stop after orientation week! Our lovely events team hosts events every month, such as our annual trip to the Wolfe Island Corn Maze, Skating in Springer Market Square, Trivia Nights, and much more! Your Landlords, who act in the same way as Residence Dons, may also plan events for your orientation week groups throughout the year.


When you need a break between classes, or are just looking for a place to relax, you can visit the FYNIRS lounge, located right on campus (3rd floor of the ARC, room A6-16)! Here you can socialise and de-stress in a safe and fun environment, make yourself a cup of tea, heat up your lunch, or even play video games! The lounge also hosts Quiet Hours, so students can have a place to work in a casual environment between classes.